- Provide leadership in developing, defining, understanding and enhancing the supply chain management profession on a global basis.
 - Enhance member and customer value by providing content, education, research, networking, and clear communication.
 - Operate with sound business practices that ensure financial health.

CSCMP will achieve success by concentrating on three broad goals that support the overall strategy. The goals focus on taking a leadership position in supply chain as a discipline, while creating value for customers and conducting business in a sustainable manner.

What does CSCMP stand for?

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

What does CSCMP exist to do?

St. Louis Roundtable

What are CSCMP's strategic Goals?

 - Connect supply chain professionals in order to collaborate, improve their supply chain leadership skills, and support life cycle career development.
 - Validate professional competency through levels of certification and professional development.
 - Identify and conduct research that adds to the knowledge base of supply chain theory and practice.
 - Create awareness of the significance of global supply chains to business and the economy.

What are CSCMP's goals?

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